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  1. P11608841

    Thanks for the photo log…great examples, including in the reviews!

    I might add, the main reason I stayed a landscape architect and now have a fire under me to do better, is because of all the applications of Permaculture from your country…starting with my buying and reading Bill Mollison’s large volume on the topic.


  2. After all, I am half-Sicilian;-)….I am half German….oh and grandfather was Prussian ..I think we should collaborate on some project…(non-fascist!)

    Yes! My father’s side is from the Italian side of where Slovenia, Austria and Italy meet. And my mother is from a mountain valley in NE Sicily. I need to post on that, as I found great images online of both Billerio and Tortorici, respectively.

    When one of my sisters and I participated in the National Geographic “Genographic Project” on finding one’s DNA, haplogroups, it is quite interesting. So far, no Caucasian on my end which is a huge surprise to me…one branch from the Middle East up to Greece and the Balkans…another branch from teh Middle East across north Africa to Tunisia…another branch to south-central Asia around Pakistan? My sister, darker and more “Mediterranean-looking” than I, was similar, but instead of the branch to SC Asia, had a branch to Finland…go figure.


  3. David, just wish to say thanks for putting all these beautiful images on your blog. My wife and I, growing old together, have only lived in EP for a little over three years ourselves, and adjusting to this ol’ Rugged Desert Lady can be difficult. Good luck in your new venture.

    You’re welcome, and that’s a good description of EP! Once my place and office are in order, I think this will be a good fit for me. Already friendly and plenty I like to do and see.


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