Shrub Shaping 

A recent drive to my trailhead, and Texas Sage / Leucophyllum spp. in bloom.

roundabout #1 – balls, mushrooms but still flowering

Of course, the public street’s roundabout planting areas are too small for a 6’+ shrub, or such a plant given the need for safety and visibility. (3′-8′ high is the zone many towns require to be clear at intersections)

And the shrubs are under 3′ – by force.

But the usual suspects do it anyway, over and over. Even the city, violating their own rules. Crazy! (at least I try to design appropiately and explain / educate)

roundabout #2 – a different form, only the trees safe

Now, here’s a private planting of the same shrub on the same street, but left in its natural form, with space to mature.

a 10′ wide parkway strip

Which form of shrub pruning benefits drivers and pedestrians more? Or the plants?


A Tale of Grasses and Shrubs

Of course, things go on, after my chance meeting.

I’m glad the CEO and suits from Tenet met and got to see their main hospital’s grasses and shrubs left alone. In contrast to the savagery on the same elsewhere. Hopefully, they even noticed.

Does contrast help? Maybe…so will time, I think.

Sierra Prov E-PlntOK01_2014-01-03-Sml
these grasses are easy-care – Giant Sacaton and Deergrass

Just cut back one time in early spring, then enjoy the next 11 months. Anyone knows we have plenty of wind to make them play, 24-7!

Sierra Prov MOB-NewTurf_2014-01-03-Sml
this kind of grass is easy, too…but more mindless and intensive
Sierra Prov MOB-PlntUgly01_2014-01-03-Sml
apparently not all…the MOB next door

I have some great pics of this before they got the treatment.

Sierra Prov MOB-PlntOK01_2014-01-03-Sml
I’m just grateful the same MOB left their Blue Grama and Bull Muhly alone

You don’t even have to be born, bred, and “colleged” on the great plains, like me, to know dormant grasses look great all winter. And that stubble doesn’t.

They also provide food and shelter for the tough fauna that stay in winter.

Sierra Prov E-PlntUgly01_2014-01-03-Sml
not a Deergrass left unscathed, where curb appeal should be prime
Sierra Prov E-PlntUgly02_2014-01-03-Sml
Geronimo would be ticked off at his Apache Plume
Sierra Prov E-PlntOK02_2014-01-03-Sml
but all is fine in front, small and young…visitor and conference room view

Some Texans don’t take to their native plants mistreated. Add to that New Mexico-born Geronimo, Arizona-born Cochise, and so on. All saw these plants in the wild in their states.

Sierra Prov E-PlntOK03_2014-01-03-Sml
much better!