A Lonely Desert Grassland Road

The last day of my long weekend, I was ready to be back home.

But first, after breakfast, I finally drove out on Pinto Canyon Road, into the pastoral morning light.


After one truck there was not one more vehicle, for miles. In fact my entire 30 minutes there.


New agaves a start to a stronger entry?



Gracious yet expansive. Peaceful.




Some Little Walnut / Juglans microcarpa trees where the occasional stormwater collects along the draw…



…the effects of a late spring freeze on these trees’ foliage.



Almost back in Marfa, this looks like someone is working on the concrete buildings Donald Judd sketched but never realized.


Or are these remnants of incomplete construction when Judd was alive?



A simple but bold monument to enter a small housing area, complete with some of the finer plants in the desert world…




Roadtrip! Big Bend Scenes

Some people find it difficult to pick a topic for a new blog post; I find it hard to choose between so many!

There’s almost too much inspiration in nature, not to mention private and public gardens – good and even bad. Hence this roadtrip to the Big Bend. Photos from 5/2014 –

Above 4000′ elevation –

2000′ to 4000′ elevation –

The Big Bend is actually quite a drive from El Paso, 5 hours to the Wiley Coyote-ish, but touristy town of Terlingua. And in May, when my town has perfect, dry weather on the warm side, it’s scorching there even at higher elevations, for at least part of the day.

Know the car’s AC was cranked to and fro “the Park”, as locals call it.

Above 4000′ elevation –

2000′ to 4000′ elevation –

Below 2000′ elevation –

Once past the tourist areas, the areas east of El Paso and into the Big Bend are quite a different world, than even El Paso. Same state, in fact not even 1/3 of Texas!

Stay tuned for more of the plants we saw, plus the few towns on the way. Few photos on the return trip, as Elizabeth had to get back in time to pick up her son at El Chuco Paso “International” Airport.

Have you been to the Big Bend? Or another isolated place that could be on another planet?

Wordless West Texas (almost)

I hope you enjoy my trip to Marfa and back…3 hours one-way. In much of the west or Texas that’s just down the road…in the Trans Pecos that’s almost close.

Musical accompaniment: Rollin’ By, Lyle Lovett