FLW Found Objects

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Talliesen West, or at least the curator staff, makes use of found objects on the vast property in the right place. Maybe FLW did as a touch of whimsy, too.

Once you live in the desert, our own whimsy is kind of fun.

At least the non-venomous kind. But if that whimsy is placed outside, never, never bring it back inside. Never!


Perhaps it’s a southwestern desert thing, to embed rocks, keys, or jewels in poured concrete. But I like it.


This is what Loree might use in a spare dish on a layout table, if she were a teaching architect inviting her winter students into the layout room. Joints from the ever-vicious Cylindropuntia biglovii.


“This is going to hurt you more than it will hurt me, interns!”


A large Acoma pot behind the other pot. There was more than one Kachina doll around the house, which I had in my previous home’s decor by themselves.



Even a Mammilaria cactus growing out of a gritty wall gap, and it’s alive!


The docent was talking about it being an Ocotillo, so hopefully her FLW knowledge is tighter! Who knows?


Do you collect objects around your garden or wild areas, then incorporate them into your decor?

I must admit, I have some blue rocks from my area’s once-active volcano, but no ideas where to use them. Mostly no objects to salvage once I move back, just sand!