Bench and Tile

If you like tile, you’ll love the desert southwest and California.

I captured more views of a good-looking bench at a placita (small gathering place) in midtown Marfa, across from the Presidio County Courthouse.



Shaded by my ecoregion’s ubiquitous Chilopsis linearis, with an assortment of other natives like Nolina lindheimeri, Nolina nelsonii, but a dying lawn that needs a change.


The bench, I first photographed years ago, but forgot to get any closeups of.


Some of the tiles are abstract, others are quite obvious.

Even in Marfa, people associate saguaros of the Sonoran Desert with their desert grassland. Some tiles tell stories, others about their spiky Opuntia and Agave.



So many handmade tiles together tell so much.

Roadtrip Designs

I’m always up for a trip somewhere else! Sometimes it’s a necessity, like to the office, out for errands, or breakfast tacos on a Saturday morning, to start the weekend.

Other times it’s a break, like to a place far out of town.

Always, I’m scoping out interesting plants and outdoor spaces…good, bad or ugly. Photos 5/11/14 and 5/17/14 –

Desert Willow/ Chilopsis linearis (El Paso TX)

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