Color Spots

Tired of cool-colored Leucophyllum?

Well, I almost am, but cool colors are welcome here. By the end of our hot, week-long monsoon season break, most of the flowers went away.

But before the drying, do you see the flowering?


Small trees were used lower, near the entry into the first phase of the development. Here it was Rhus lanceolata, to add interest to the pedestrian use of yuccas.

Here’s your color at the intersection.


Masses of color work, but so does the special feeling of an unexpected spot of color.

Looking south from the rear view mirror angle and the front windshield view. It’s subtle, but subtle often makes more of an impact, especially with the juxtaposition of my design using boulders and plant forms.


Sparse or spiky, then color, then more sparse and spiky. The gravel groundplane dominating with Dasylirion wheeleri and Aristida purpurea, then Leucophyllum zygophyllum and Yucca faxoniana dominate the gravel ground plane.


8/11/17 weather: 98 / 73 / 0.75


On the Way to a Concert…

A few blocks away from my abode, one hot June evening I walked to see a local (and good) country band play at the convention center plaza. I saw this landscape again, on the corner of Santa Fe and Franklin.

I’ve driven by it many times before, but it’s better by foot.

Returning weeks later with my camera, photos from 7/13/2014 –

a stand of Hesperaloe parviflora ‘Yellow’, a statuesque Yucca faxoniana…


Like those TV Energizer Bunnies, this Hesperaloe planting just keeps blooming – they still are, and it’s late August.

Lantana X ‘New Gold’ for lower, trailing interest…

Where I moved from, I often heard a bias, how “xeriscape” or “desert plants” work best with southwestern architecture. Unwilling to see it as a simple design issue.

Parroting misinformation is never good, especially in my region from someone without their desert eyes on.

No. It works best when plants are chosen for the climate and soil type that meet their needs, then designed to be in context with their space and architecture. Any space or architectural style. Design.

simple and timeless…desert natives, brick architecture

I’ll ignore the railroad ties [gag], seen from walking but not in my smaller car!