Serenity and Spines – Lodging [on] the Desert

Please go to Palm Springs. There’s no glitz here.

But if you like it very laid-back, getting dusty and being outdoors in the sun to hike or lounge, Borrego Springs could fit the bill. 

Where I stayed, the Borrego Springs Motel, is a good base to explore the low desert. Modern, clean, spartan, non-pretentious, comfortable. From my stay, 1/14/2014 –

a Desert Bighorn Sheep sculpture, that powerfully tough animal that is such an integral part of the desert…only seen one, that in ’90…

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Spikes, Scallops and Stuff

Some scenes from my several day stay here over this Thanksgiving, on the sand hills west of the valley. Though I can see the lights of El Paso just 20 minutes away, it’s like being hours from anything.

Almost peaceful –

Jimson Weed / Datura wrightii after some hard freezes…another name for this or a related species is “Thorn Apple”

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Fall Russet

High and cool Santa Fe after my presentation ended, the next day in lower and milder Albuquerque. Other than having to go back to my place even warmer and lower still, plus work and the drive to get there, it was nice to see the progression of autumn go beyond the cliche of yellows or more often, browns tinged with dull yellows.

Especially interesting was to see these plants of warmer affinities provide so much color, after they take summers in stride.

Photos from 11/9/2003 –

Red Valerian / Centranthus ruber in Santa Fe, still a few blooms after quite a few frosts and possibly a hard freeze or two

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