Giving Thanks

What a last 6 months! Or is it just my whole life…all I have that I want, plus all I don’t have that I don’t want?

I’m thankful for all y’all, as we share our landscape nerdiness.

So, on this mild, very late fall day, where I’m house / dog-sitting on the remote west mesa of the Mesilla Valley – abundant sunshine, in case you don’t have it! And I’m also thankful for:

warm places to rest, and of course, plenty of cacti like Opuntia macrocentra

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Garden Designers Roundtable – Journey

“I’m gettin’ bugged driving up and down this same old strip, I gotta finda new place where the kids are hip” – The Beach Boys, 1964.

This past May of 2013, I was searching out a place to relocate. When a garden tour coincided with a friend’s invitation to stay there, I was Austin and San Antonio-bound, just to give it another chance…mine was a 685 mile route, plus other diversions.

so dry, relaxing before packing, cleaning out my old media cabinet of 15 years, taking a long phone call, and an all-day drive the next day. (Albuquerque NM foothills – 11″ rain / year)

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A Few More Adjustments!

Back to Bill’s new garden in “Burque”, with some inherited parts. And a few more items in need of attention. Hard to believe it was so nice and warm back that day, as I hang in there on one of our last 72F days.

I know, that won’t garner much sympathy from some of you.

Photos from late September 2013 –

The old-style, 110 volt garden light really stands out in a bad can really reveal such things
Do you see what stands out in a bad way? The old-style, 110V garden light…photos reveal such things.

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