Fall Russet

High and cool Santa Fe after my presentation ended, the next day in lower and milder Albuquerque. Other than having to go back to my place even warmer and lower still, plus work and the drive to get there, it was nice to see the progression of autumn go beyond the cliche of yellows or more often, browns tinged with dull yellows.

Especially interesting was to see these plants of warmer affinities provide so much color, after they take summers in stride.

Photos from 11/9/2003 –

Red Valerian / Centranthus ruber in Santa Fe, still a few blooms after quite a few frosts and possibly a hard freeze or two

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Marfa Light

No mistake – there’s no plural in the title of this post. And this late Friday night, I’m sure I saw 15+ “Marfa Lights”, after riding a bus out to the official Marfa Lights Viewing Area, with a group of strangers from Austin.

But with the sun out, I saw light of other kinds on my landscape drive-bys.

Marfa’s high desert light seems even better than other regional towns, since it is so quiet and serene; the drone of freeways, semi engine braking, and endless paving tend to spoil the mood. Maybe both evenings of cocktail parties and great conversation also helped, even though I’m not much of a partier?

Musical selection – more Junip / José González –

Dasylirion leiophyllum catching the late afternoon sun, a muscular trunked Morus alba standing behind it all

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Signs of Life

Thursday’s Hallow’s Eve stroll in the remote outpost of Marfa saw many signs. Especially since I’m from the Mountain Time Zone, not even ready to crash at 11 pm CTZ. And more signs, after a good sleep.

Isn’t it ironic this ranching town is so retro?

(sorry but I hear hipsters do like irony) Musical selection – the spare vocal qualities of Junip / José González…of Sweden, via Argentina!

Enjoy, photos starting Friday 11/1/2013 –

no diving or even pool weather…as chilly as the stiff ocotillos suggest 

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