Last of Fall in Winter

Early December is about when Winter starts its 6 week minimum visit in these parts. It stays that entire period “up north” in Albuquerque, as El Pasoans call it. Thankfully down here, it comes and goes several times during that period. “Winter” to me is mostly nightly hard freezes and daily highs under 55 or 60F.

Don’t laugh if you’re from a truly-cold winter climate; I have thin blood, and I didn’t come here for the snow-white winters!

Photos taken in central New Mexico, 12/3/2013 –

Quercus buckleyi at the peak of their fall color in ABQ Uptown…many others nearby already turned…

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The Wide Shot – December 2013, SW Edition

Heather at Xericstyle is doing something generalists like me appreciate…the big picture or the wide shot meme.

Many blogs show close-up images without much context, but I find contexts with some details more helpful. Since this post’s photos are from over 5 weeks ago instead of today, I’ll compensate by showing gardens I intend to post more on in the future: 2 are homes, 1 is a recently-installed streetscape I designed. (hoping I can soon participate in 1-2 various memes / month)

I no longer have my own home garden, but I do have many gardens that I design, of various scales and mostly modest budgets. At least for what I deal with in the high desert region!

Photos from 10/22/2013, in Las Cruces NM –

Jeff Anderson’s Las Cruces home, planted just 2 years ago…native and adapted plants, plus some trials

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Spikes, Scallops and Stuff

Some scenes from my several day stay here over this Thanksgiving, on the sand hills west of the valley. Though I can see the lights of El Paso just 20 minutes away, it’s like being hours from anything.

Almost peaceful –

Jimson Weed / Datura wrightii after some hard freezes…another name for this or a related species is “Thorn Apple”

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