I’ve driven past this tree almost daily, a few blocks from my abode.

UTEP’s Juan Blanco told me about this tree, and how our far-out west Texas urban forester, Oscar Mestas, has more details. Richard Burges planted this oak in 1915, after building his house. A former Texas state legislator, originally from Seguin, he introduced the bill to form the Texas A&M Forest Service

There’s more – herePhotos from 1/3/2014 –

Escarpment or Texas Live Oak / Quercus fusiformis

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Saturday-Sunday Sky: 1/5/2014

Weekends may still be for work in my world, but I try to look up. Some of you need cheering up with sunny, clear desert skies, I gather! But don’t all of us?

My advance apologies for the 15% of the time the sun isn’t bleaching out burning a hole in something cheerfully shining here…

Hike near Anthony Gap, New Mexico, 1/5/14 –

nice to the north, so close yet so far

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Wide Shot – 1/2014

After errands and a rare lunch, I just had to stop by a project I designed a few years ago, that I’ve recently posted on here and here.

Remember that the Sierra Providence East Hospital is having an addition built? That work only includes landscaping only for the new inpatient tower and ER expansion, but I think it’s time to ponder what needs to be revamped where many El Pasoans walk and drive through, daily.

Photos taken New Year’s Eve, 12/31/2014 –

the survivors: yuccas, ocotillos, agaves and cacti, plus boulders…

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