Saturday Sky: 2/1/2014

Another mild morning today, but there was even a touch of humidity – a slight touch – and it really did feel and smell like it could rain. Silly me!

This past year or two, when commenting that it might rain, the response has been the dreaded “LOL” more than once. Even that week in September when areas from here well into Colorado were getting flooded, nobody believed it until many were under water.

Taken 2/1/2014 –

looking SE towards downtown, a milky sky…

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Take A Walk on the |Desert| Grassland

One reason I’m at home (where I downsized to) goes beyond the availability of green chile, skin-cracking dry air, or hearing Spanglish.

It’s all our public open space land, just minutes away here in El Paso.

I took a walk my last time in Marfa, on 11/3/2013 –

a raw, breezy day to end my trip…Palmilla / Yucca elata is about the only green now dotting the tawny, dormant desert grasses…

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