Garden Designers Roundtable – Journey

“I’m gettin’ bugged driving up and down this same old strip, I gotta finda new place where the kids are hip” – The Beach Boys, 1964.

This past May of 2013, I was searching out a place to relocate. When a garden tour coincided with a friend’s invitation to stay there, I was Austin and San Antonio-bound, just to give it another chance…mine was a 685 mile route, plus other diversions.

so dry, relaxing before packing, cleaning out my old media cabinet of 15 years, taking a long phone call, and an all-day drive the next day. (Albuquerque NM foothills – 11″ rain / year)

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A Few More Adjustments!

Back to Bill’s new garden in “Burque”, with some inherited parts. And a few more items in need of attention. Hard to believe it was so nice and warm back that day, as I hang in there on one of our last 72F days.

I know, that won’t garner much sympathy from some of you.

Photos from late September 2013 –

The old-style, 110 volt garden light really stands out in a bad can really reveal such things
Do you see what stands out in a bad way? The old-style, 110V garden light…photos reveal such things.

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Grasses Get it Right

I’m always happy when someone else is onto what I’m onto, after decades in my field and observing what works or doesn’t, all over.

One of the best uses of ornamental grasses – where the mature size won’t likely overgrow the space or pose a safety / visibility hazard – is where there’s foot traffic. Of course, considerations for being exposed to temperature extremes (including reflected heat) is key in selecting a species.

Photos from Albuquerque’s ABQ Uptown, 11/10/2013 –

just yards up the same sidewalk from the last post’s over-planted layers…Deergrass / Muhlenbergia rigens, just able to fit nearing maturity (young Chinese Pistache lost leaves rather early)

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