What’s Wrong?

In my field, we may have to rush designs for reasons beyond our control.

And issues crucial to having the best possible project are not addressed, such as site planning, or grading and drainage, affecting the user experience, costs, plant health and aesthetic. We can always try to execute better as a team the next time, but it’s easier to do it the first time.

Back to El Paso’s Sierra Providence East Hospital from my last post, photos also from 12/10/2008.

So, what’s wrong? –

1) the pedestrian sidewalk connection to the street, added shortly after construction…no safe, direct crosswalk to parking, plantings now don’t work, though this does connect under the cover to the front doors…

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Old Project When it was New

I take a few hours most every week, to get all my project photos in order for my website and proposals. Slowly, I’m doing it!

Here’s a project you may have seen more recent photos of on my old blog – the first phase of Sierra Providence Eastside Hospital, that I designed for a Dallas-area architecture firm I’ve enjoyed working with. I need to pay it a visit, since I’m 260 miles closer.

For now, we’ll go back to when it was less than a year old, in December 2008 –

“That’s right, you’re not from Texas…but Texas wants you anyway” – Lyle Lovett

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