The Wide Shot – December 2013, SW Edition

Heather at Xericstyle is doing something generalists like me appreciate…the big picture or the wide shot meme.

Many blogs show close-up images without much context, but I find contexts with some details more helpful. Since this post’s photos are from over 5 weeks ago instead of today, I’ll compensate by showing gardens I intend to post more on in the future: 2 are homes, 1 is a recently-installed streetscape I designed. (hoping I can soon participate in 1-2 various memes / month)

I no longer have my own home garden, but I do have many gardens that I design, of various scales and mostly modest budgets. At least for what I deal with in the high desert region!

Photos from 10/22/2013, in Las Cruces NM –

Jeff Anderson’s Las Cruces home, planted just 2 years ago…native and adapted plants, plus some trials

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Spikes, Scallops and Stuff

Some scenes from my several day stay here over this Thanksgiving, on the sand hills west of the valley. Though I can see the lights of El Paso just 20 minutes away, it’s like being hours from anything.

Almost peaceful –

Jimson Weed / Datura wrightii after some hard freezes…another name for this or a related species is “Thorn Apple”

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Giving Thanks

What a last 6 months! Or is it just my whole life…all I have that I want, plus all I don’t have that I don’t want?

I’m thankful for all y’all, as we share our landscape nerdiness.

So, on this mild, very late fall day, where I’m house / dog-sitting on the remote west mesa of the Mesilla Valley – abundant sunshine, in case you don’t have it! And I’m also thankful for:

warm places to rest, and of course, plenty of cacti like Opuntia macrocentra

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