While driving by some addresses provided to me from a past mid-century modern tour map, I noticed the use of rammed earth – not adobe. As well as board-formed concrete walls. Not that there weren’t more earth-toned stucco walls and plenty of Pueblo-revival or Santa Fe-style homes, too.

For this post, I’m interested in the visual qualities of layering, and how it adds a pleasing testure.

Photos from Borrego Springs CA, mid-January 2014 –

note the distant mountains…visual layering of lower to higher mountains…

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Modern in a Sleepy Town

Borrego Springs, California was always a favorite place for me to zip out to, to escape hectic life during my San Diego residence. This time, older and wiser, I decided to hang around, and take my time returning home. It’s in San Diego County, but over the mountains from the beach city, in the low desert.

Sonoran Desert, but the driest part, often termed the Colorado Subdivision.

I had a feeling the next day was going to be great!

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Walking Oregon

I enjoy walking, to get a closer look at what lurks on the streets I drive or ride along.

With the same-old that I just can’t stand, there’s also much in the way of interesting architecture and plantings. And potential for better garden spaces. I’ll mostly let you guess which I think is good, bad, ugly, or even downright evil!

What causes a culture to make the commitment to embrace better horticulture – a better life?

Have you ever taken such a walk? Another breezy 75F afternoon was perfect for my task – 1 mile of Oregon Street! Photos from 3/17/2014 –

a candidate for a few discerning Portland landscapes?

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