Front Porch

A friend in Austin often mentions how a porch or patio on a north side creates a design challenge. She’s right.

People using such spaces must be shaded from the late day summer sun during about the hottest parts of the day. The plants we select for that exposure must take brutally hot summer sun late in the day, plus cool season shade and possibly wet soils at times.

Here are some inviting porches, no matter their placement, to ponder what makes them or how they could be –

Heather’s front porch in San Antonio faces SE…afternoon shade, but as her desert willows grow in, other times should be in morning shade

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The Front: Small But Potent

Where flat land and real estate prices elevate, San Diego takes a different approach. No covering the land with useless concrete or gravel; instead, it’s precious space for an intimate planting or outdoor living space.

Either side of La Jolla’s Windansea Beach one afternoon, pure delight –

What’s behind the Hollywood Juniper and hipster fence? To some, it looks too small to be of any use, including for a garden…

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Exit and Entry

I’m taking a quick vacation from “winter”.

As much as possible, that is, without being [blah blah blah], yet with ample good clients and projects. 2014 will be good, maybe the best year yet? I’ve never said such a thing, so I might be really onto something.

It’s rough here, room temperature each day, so more posts on great landscape and ecological ideas on this trip to come…enjoy this broad-brush stroke for now.

El Paso to San Diego –

Adios Chihuahuan desert grassland (just W of Las Cruces)…only 10 hours to go

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