Signs of Life

Thursday’s Hallow’s Eve stroll in the remote outpost of Marfa saw many signs. Especially since I’m from the Mountain Time Zone, not even ready to crash at 11 pm CTZ. And more signs, after a good sleep.

Isn’t it ironic this ranching town is so retro?

(sorry but I hear hipsters do like irony) Musical selection – the spare vocal qualities of Junip / José González…of Sweden, via Argentina!

Enjoy, photos starting Friday 11/1/2013 –

no diving or even pool weather…as chilly as the stiff ocotillos suggest 

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Front Patio

Back to Bill Robertson’s Albuquerque west mesa patio home, for a few early successes. I finished the design in 2012, and all the work was installed last winter into this spring.

That which isn’t ongoing as long as he lives there! Gardeners…

Photos from 9/25/2013; they’ve probably had a few light frosts (a bit early), but no hard freezes <28F from what I can tell. So I’m sure it’s still primo –

the powder-blue Pale Yucca goes well with the stucco, under the existing Piñon...a few other plants were adjusted for various reasons
the powder-blue Yucca pallida goes well with the stucco, under the existing Piñon / Pinus edulis…a few other plants were adjusted for various reasons; concrete was left as-is

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Walking After Midnight

I’m back in that far-out, retro West Texas town for the MARFArchitecture + Design Symposium and Home Tour. It’s retro in a good way: serene design and fresh re-use.

Before bed, I took a stroll on the part of town I’m lodging, enjoying the chilly, lonely air along US-90 – the sound of the train, or a rushing vehicle, or couples riding rented bikes into town. Lighting and darkness, dancing prickly pear cactus and clumping hedgehog cactus, and minimalist comfort.

Peaceful, before tomorrow’s today’s inspiration and presentations.

I go out walkin’, after midnight…
…searchin’ for you…blues and the ordinary used differently, but well together
simple, serene, yet somehow not sterile