Serenity and Spines – Lodging [on] the Desert

Please go to Palm Springs. There’s no glitz here.

But if you like it very laid-back, getting dusty and being outdoors in the sun to hike or lounge, Borrego Springs could fit the bill. 

Where I stayed, the Borrego Springs Motel, is a good base to explore the low desert. Modern, clean, spartan, non-pretentious, comfortable. From my stay, 1/14/2014 –

a Desert Bighorn Sheep sculpture, that powerfully tough animal that is such an integral part of the desert…only seen one, that in ’90…

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Plaza Honors

A few years ago, someone told me I might like a small garden within the University of Arizona’s campus.

On my few visits to Tucson, I kept forgetting to look up the official, more floriferous line on the Women’s Plaza of Honor.

My last trip, I remembered to, enjoying it one warm Friday with someone else into gardens (and all things warmer) than her home in Ohio. I know two of the designers (it was a team effort of several award-winning landscape design professionals), so that added to the interest. Photos from 2/21/2014 –


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Poppies Plus

Though I didn’t hear one person remark on my area’s poppy display over the last week, I also was too busy to make much contact with the outside world!

I bet there were few to no poppies out there with the dry winter.

But I was amazed at one display driving through yet another historic neighborhood – central El Paso’s Manhattan Heights, complete with an expansive park (not quite Central Park, but less summer humidity or winter snow to shovel).

Taken 3/27/2014 –

Eschscholzia mexicana, or is it E. californica var. mexicana?

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