Walking Oregon

I enjoy walking, to get a closer look at what lurks on the streets I drive or ride along.

With the same-old that I just can’t stand, there’s also much in the way of interesting architecture and plantings. And potential for better garden spaces. I’ll mostly let you guess which I think is good, bad, ugly, or even downright evil!

What causes a culture to make the commitment to embrace better horticulture – a better life?

Have you ever taken such a walk? Another breezy 75F afternoon was perfect for my task – 1 mile of Oregon Street! Photos from 3/17/2014 –

a candidate for a few discerning Portland landscapes?

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Spring Details

Is spring the sight of new, fresh flowers to you? Newly green foliage? Or something else? Or all the above?

While this isn’t a place of long winters suddenly exploding into verdance, the awakening of spring is amazing. Our milder-than-usual winter, with only off/on cold for several weeks, and last September’s deluge, all helped. So did modest drip irrigation! Being in the middle or warm end of USDA Zone 8 is a good thing, too.

Photos from 3/17-18/2014 –

walking a neighborhood street, shooting for another blog post, I spied below…

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What Worked in Hobbs

Remember my recent post from New Mexico Junior College in Hobbs? Here’s what worked out at two projects I co-designed while with a former employer, one decade ago. Photos from 2/25/14 (44F), 3/1/14 (81F, ice storm next day & high 20’s) –

Ben Alexander Student Center: 

Desert Candle and the former incinerator…circular vs. vertical…

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