Latest Projects

Not having my own garden anymore, I’m concentrating on my design practice.

Someday, probably not until later this summer fall, I need to trick out what garden space I have – my patio. And probably bleed that into adjacent planting areas, landlord willing. That will likely include some fitting containers, maybe some paint, and minimal accessorization.

For now, I need to keep paying the bills. Here are some recent and new projects to help do that –

Crazy Cat Cyclery (retail)

the south, uphill side…the mountain biking side…more later:-)

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I’m a Landscape Architect, Not a Doctor, Jim!

And I’m not a psychiatrist. But I do like Star Trek.

A few in our landscape field have said certain things are just  “our cross to bear”. After 25 years in our field, I do not think much of that is our cross to bear. A legitimate concern, but for now, what to do?

Report to the ER, at least figuratively. Photos from Sierra Providence Eastside Hospital, South Tower Expansion, spring 2014 –

from inside the spacious lobby, a soon-to-be, shady canyon oasis…

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Lighting Up Some Chihuahuan Compadres

The clean air of a Chihuahuam Desert morning has incredible lighting. The breeze makes it even better.

Maybe that’s all real, or maybe it’s merely relative to the glaring oven of high-noon and afterwards?  You decide, but after all, this is typically our hottest few weeks of the year.

See what the light reveals. How can you manipulate what light does, to make the ordinary into the extraordinary?

More posts soon, including some work keeping me busy. From my 6/17/2014 hike –

typical plants in the wild, like Whitethorn Acacia / Acacia constricta…
Did you see anything else in the shadows?
Texas Rainbow Cactus / Echinocereus dasyacanthus, against the shady rock…this clump had a bloom on it during this past spring.