Journey / Destination

The journey is the destination. Or as the long-sleeve tee says, which I’m wearing from Life is Good!

That partly depends on your company and how you travel, but some of that is being open to what your roadtrip reveals. I drove to and from Hobbs, New Mexico to give a presentation at a mini-conference. From 2/25/2014 and 3/1-2/2014 –

On my 4 hour drive to Hobbs NM, I could no longer hold back from stopping for photos! A stand of Palmilla or Soaptree Yucca / Yucca elata in gypsum sand dunes…Texas’ high point, 8,751′ Guadalupe Peak…

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New Project Going In – Pizza!

Like most of my projects, I have some good clients with typical spaces, for me to design better than the norm. Or at least in spite of that outside my control.

I’m not an artiste or landscape star-chitect, complaining even when given large budgets (called modest) and design latitude (saying my hands are tied), but it’s how I have to roll! Honesty, a proactive mindset, and gratitude are great pillows to rest on, that no exotic vacations or exalted podiums can provide.

And it’s how I pay my bills, improving the world by outdoor living, one place several places at a time. From Albuquerque, 12/2013 –

irrigation partly in, plants in near the building…

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Springtime in El Paso

Spring is showing itself in many of our plants. El Paso’s last frost (<32F) was a week or two ago, and our last hard freeze (<28F) may have been a month ago. We’ve had some chilly weather and lows in the upper 30’s, but quite a few 70’s, too…and no spring winds or dust storms…yet! All great for gardens.

Odd, but I’ll take it any day over the stormy NW, frigid NE, and US Midsection rollercoaster. Enjoy!

Eremophila x ‘Valentine’…

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