Pizza Time – Continued

Now, the daylight view at the new Dion’s in the south valley. I look forward to seeing my design there in the fall, as it grows in more.

For now, photos from the oddly infernal evening of 7/18/14 –

phew – it looks good by soft evening light, too…

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Kentucky Style

Some places like to be somewhere else too much. Some restaurants try too hard – more aioli? Some gardens try too hard – I had no idea Milwaukee and ___ were so similar!

Kentucky not so much – it seems at peace with itself. I missed the Kentucky Derby, the same weekend I was in nearby Cincinnati. At Covington/Northern Kentucky Int’l Airport, there was more than one excited woman carrying her derby hat in a special box, her man helping with her luggage!

And a southern accent took over just south of Cincinnati. Photos from 5/2-3/2014 –

Woodford – on the bourbon trail…

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Night Effects

Leaving hours later than planned for my next day’s design session in Santa Fe, 75+ minutes out, just entering Albuquerque. It was a dark and muggy night…

Yet, I drove by a project of mine installed over the winter, and the parking lot and building lighting had some unintentioned consequences. I’m used to using landscape lighting to get some effects, and when not cheapened into something less, it does the trick. This is almost as good!

Photos 7/18/2014 –

young native and adapted plants, only…

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