Old Project When it was New

I take a few hours most every week, to get all my project photos in order for my website and proposals. Slowly, I’m doing it!

Here’s a project you may have seen more recent photos of on my old blog – the first phase of Sierra Providence Eastside Hospital, that I designed for a Dallas-area architecture firm I’ve enjoyed working with. I need to pay it a visit, since I’m 260 miles closer.

For now, we’ll go back to when it was less than a year old, in December 2008 –

“That’s right, you’re not from Texas…but Texas wants you anyway” – Lyle Lovett

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Foliage Followup – 12/2013

I remembered to take my camera out between work and more work today, and here’s what I saw for foliage at the Chihuahuan Desert Gardens, just blocks away at the University of Texas at El Paso. Though I haven’t visited in 2 months! Late as always, this time for Foliage Followup

So far, this part of town has only had 2-3 hard freezes and a few more light frosts, so a number of plants that should have gone deciduous are hesitating to do that.

Though I missed my mountain bike ride during that hour before sundown, there’s always tomorrow to double up on my workout!

Chisos Red Oak / Quercus gravesii – often semi-evergreen, even as far “north” as Albuquerque from an accidental planting I did of it a decade ago

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