Go Up, Cool Down

I can no longer pop my laptop or folding chair in the car, and drive 4000′ uphill in 20 minutes to cool off 20F.

To cool off the same way – going 4 of the world’s 7 life zones cooler – it now takes 2 hours of driving, though most of that change is in 20 minutes from Alamogordo. And I’ve still done that, though not nearly as much as I would like.

Enjoy the cool down to near-9000′ elevation Cloudcroft NM. And this mega-photo post.


Trip #1 after Labor Day 2013 –

for me, all this water was great!

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2014: The Year of the Sotol

Everyone is commenting on how amazing the sotols look this year, so many flowering. Or is it that there are more planted than ever, to see them?

Partly my fault!

Photos 7/2014, from parts of “low” El Paso dropping just below 4,000′ above sea level…to parts of “high” Albuquerque nearing 5,700′ –

When I spotted these zipping by one morning, I knew I needed to stop back – Dasylirion wheeleri weeks later, at dusk…that sky…

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That’s my own word, and my first project with a local architect specializing in private residences – i.e. small spaces, where each element matters.

It’s for a bike shop in a mid-century modern building, now given new life but true to it’s original vision. That business uses another invented word in their name, “Cyclery”. From this shop I frequent, it’s only a several block ride to access part of El Paso’s trails, carefully cut into the limestone rocks and boulders.  And two blocks from UTEP, and several more blocks to where I live.

Photos at various stages of the soon-to-open Crazy Cat Cyclery store –

before (1/14) – the front

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