Garden Designers Roundtable – Bold

Some people are told to not rock the boat; not all take heed.

Yet, the loudest voices are often those advising others to just fit in, even belittling the unique – probably at least as bold as those they criticize. Sometimes bold is cultural (compare the “genteel southerner” to the “brash Yankee”), from upbringing or ancestry (I compare dinners with a friend of Swedish ancestry to my own family at dinner), but often it’s in gardens.

Maybe it’s perspective. Or perhaps it’s also being afraid, or even being downright boring since “everyone is doing it”.

Let’s explore my take on what bold might mean, as a part of this month’s Garden Designers Roundtable.

Radical vs. Conservative?

An everyday scene for many westerners, but bold for others…but no matter where they live, many like this kind of sunset…Music Mountains, E of Kingman AZ

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Yucca Moving

About to leave my place, the phone rang – “the big yuccas are arriving!” Having other things to do, working out on my mountain bike and then work, I chose to first watch how those with access to heavy equipment get it done.

So, a bike detour through UTEP it is.

It was only 2 yuccas, but the larger was first planted at a nursery owner’s home 40 years ago. I only had my cell phone camera, but my other is a mere hand-held!

1. Beaked Yucca or Zoyate / Yucca rostrata

Though I often see landscape workers move large yuccas by hand, no need for that when you’re the 2nd largest campus in the UT system…

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A large draw to this part of El Paso is being close to so much – nature or going out on the town. And a major university with some interesting plantings, including the Chihuahuan Desert Gardens.

A few weeks ago, I took an hour to walk through it with curator John White. His relaxed demeanor and knowledge are refreshing.

And when it’s only in the mid-80’s on a sunny July day here, what could be better?

‘Mexican Flame’ Acanthus / Anisacanthus quadrifidus with a well-built rock wall; other fine cultivars of this species are available

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