Monsoon Wows

4″ of rain fell over the last week. Butterflies, dragon flies, and other fauna are as happy as humans for those showers downpours.

But plants look as good as ever at the UTEP Chihuahuan Desert Gardens, on this mild 85-ish Sunday afternoon. Including some species proven to be bulletproof, yet are uncommon. And it’s pollination time!

Mexican Starleaf Orange / Choisya dumosa forming flower buds, with Turk’s Cap behind it
Mariposas loading up on Mist Flower

Elementary, Mr. Martinez

After a mountain bike ride with a new friend, I was near a public project I designed a few years ago as part of an Architect-client project team. Built by one of the countless contractors and people with Martinez in the name!

It was a pleasant day, so I looked at what I could see from my car and cell phone camera (sorry for the blurring).

Lundy Elementary School, approaching the dropoff area and parking, where Chinquapin Oak trees were used – growing more slowly than I expect, but healthy.

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