Clouds + Color

The 2013 monsoon season has been decent – stats here. Our southwestern monsoon is of the same process as the famous one in southern Asia including India, but they have more open ocean (wetter), are closer to the equator (warmer), and the Himalayas dwarf our mountains (more lift to their clouds, more rain).

Leaving Sunset Heights, I go by an architect’s office. That landscape is a basic xeric design, but with less dependence on gravel and more on plantings than others.

When our weather pattern switched early last month – from dry and drier, and hot and hotter – clouds moved in off and on, we had some soaking rains, and everything changed in his plantings, like in the wild.

Texas Sage / Leucophyllum spp. (AKA Cenizo, Texas Ranger)

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Similar Yet New

“T[he]y headed down, to-o-oo, Old El Paso!”Steve Miller Band

El Paso, Texas. 260 miles due south via the freeway, starting over in a place a bit drier and warmer than where I was! A variation on where I was, but with some notable and welcome differences…

view off my patio, a locally-native Yucca torreyi peeks at me

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