Home is now a small rental house, in a golf course community on the sand hills west of Las Cruces and the Rio Grande. See the blue pin on the left side of the below photo.

Home-Google Aerial01This is the quiet and privacy I’ve missed the last few years. Though I’m limited on what I can do with the property – it’s not much – this is the most appealing neighborhood I’ve lived in. In the aerial my house is above the blue pin, and it was once white stucco.

Home-Google Aerial02

Throughout, there are substantial islands of preserved and naturalized flora. And I’m just minutes to part of the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument. This being New Mexico, the road there isn’t maintained and requires high clearance 4WD…I have a Corolla.


Geography + Soils + Climate (average / annual stats)

Ecoregion – Chihuahuan Desert (Creosote Bush-Ocotillo, Mesa Sand Scrub associations)
Elevation – 4,035′ above sea level
Soils – gravelly sand, sandy loam

Sunset climate – 10[b]
Cold – 10-15F lowest = USDA zone 8a [arid], Sunset zone 10(b)
Heat – 105F highest = AHS zone 8
Growing season [>32F] – 230 days

Mean temperature – 62F
Precipitation – 7″ [.3″ of that liquid from 3″ snow]
ET rate [evapotranspiration] – 78″
Sunshine – 293 days (193 clear <30% cloud cover + 100 partly cloudy 30-70% cloud cover)

Temperatures –
110F all-time high (1994)
107F average highest
62F average annual
12F average lowest
-12F all-time low (1962)

Precipitation * (arid – late Summer into early Fall is the “wet” or monsoon season, Fall through Winter and into early Summer is progressively drier) –
15″ wettest (1941)
7.3″ average annual
3″ average annual snowfall
3.8″ driest (1953)

* extrapolated from local observation, this station, and this station



The same containers I had at my El Paso apartment. For anything else, stay tuned.



Curve-billed Thrasher
Scaled Quail
Gambel Quail
Mourning Dove
White-wing Dove
– – – Bat
Cicadas (2 species)