Here’s the plants and landscape features where I live. (bold = native)

a) The property surrounding my rental house:

Western Honey Mesquite / Prosopis torreyana
Soaptree or Palmilla / Yucca elata
Fourwing Saltbush / Atriplex canescens
Boundary Ephedra / Ephedra aspera
Tree Cholla / Cylindropuntia imbricata
Fishhook Barrel Cactus / Ferocactus wislizenii
Desert Marigold / Baileya multiradiata
White Evening Primrose / Oenothera caespitosa
Scorpionweed / Phaecelia integrifolia
Scarlet Globemallow / Sphaeralcea coccinea

– – –
Gravel mulch cover on weed fabric* (*proof I don’t own this place!)


b) The various containers from my former El Paso apartment, now on my 2 patios:

Container #1 (front)
Arizona Beargrass / Nolina microcarpa, with:
(1) Bishop’s Cap / Astrophytum myriostigma (L center)
(1) Megata / Astrophytum nudum (L front)
(4) ncn / Copiapoa esmeraldana (back)
(2) Torch Cactus / Echinopsis grandiflorus (R front)



Container #2 (front)
Variegated Agave / Agave americana ssp. medio-picta ‘Alba’ (gift)



Container #3 (front)
Mescal Agave / Agave neomexicana (pup from old Albuquerque house)




Container #4 (front)
Medicinal Aloe / Aloe vera AKA A. barbadensis (pup from old house)




Container #5 (back)
Giant or Coahuilan Hesperaloe / Hesperaloe funifera
Squid Agave / Agave bracteosa (gift, front L)
Artichoke Agave / Agave parryi var. truncata (pups from San Diego aunt’s home)




Container #6 (back)
Giant or Coahuilan Hesperaloe / Hesperaloe funifera
Twistleaf Yucca / Yucca rupicola
(back L)
Yellow Rain Lily / Zephyranthes citrina (front)
White Rain Lily / Zephyranthes candida





The Deceased
I’ve lost the following plants. Actually, I spent too little time observing them, to know when they needed some water or minor care…all but the last were bought at Flora Grubb a week before moving south –
‘Golden Joy’ Queen’s Tears / Billbergia ‘Golden Joy’
‘Purple Passion’ Hens & Chicks / Sempervivum ‘Purple Passion’
Spiderweb Hens & Chicks / Sempervivum arachnoideum
Common or Bush Thyme / Thymus vulgaris

Billbergia ‘Golden Joy’ is a terrestrial bromeliad
Sempervivum ‘Purple Passion’
Sempervivum arachnoideum