A Unique Local Nursery

Colleague and friend Michael Gaglio recently opened a nursery, as a way to store and sell plants he’s been salvaging from local construction and mining operations. His focus is on lower water-use plants native to the Chihuahuan Desert Ecoregion, adjacent areas, plus some other adapted plants. It’s is a refreshingly unique concept from most other regional nurseries.

If Pam at Digging still has her “support your local nursery month” meme, here’s my contribution from far-out West Texas. As in the Trans-Trans Pecos!

Enter High Desert Native Plants in El Paso TX –

Eagle Claws Cactus AKA Blue Barrel / Echinocactus horizonthalonius (R front), Texas Rainbow Cactus / Echinocereus dasyacanthus (L)…

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Garden Designers Roundtable – Design Principles

Most designers of grand gardens and small spaces know an array of design principles: balance, axis, repetition, scale, mass, color, contrast, etc – all valid guidelines to stand by, and they work anywhere with most any hardscape or plant element!

There are also some generalities so evident, yet they are design principles that I didn’t learn in school!

Know Your Place (physical geography over cultural geography…people will be people, often following convention, whether appropriate or not). The EPA ecoregions are useful for Texas, and I’m in their “Chihuahuan Desert / Chihuahuan Basins and Playas” (but EPA’s mapping is not always as good for some other states; the AZ and CA pages are not finished yet) – Texas and the US

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Batter Up!

A few years ago, an Architect client contacted me with a ballfield and landscape design needed. Somehow, I ended up working for the Civil Engineer… On the side of a mountain’s bajada, this was quite a challenge.

Of course, the project was rushed, with multiple site concerns not addressed. You gotta loathe love the wild west!

As grading work and time progressed, there was no need for the rush – the landscape work was postponed for months. The real need besides the land being the client, is to provide ample time to initially think through all issues of developing any site, let alone one with plant salvage opportunities, unusual configurations and steep slopes.

Here’s what we’ve got as of 9/19/2013 –

only tough native plants used, most somehow escaping the rabbit hordes  (Chinquapin Oak, ‘Rio Bravo’ Texas Ranger, Beargrass, Chocolate Flower)…rock cover where budget allowed

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