That’s my own word, and my first project with a local architect specializing in private residences – i.e. small spaces, where each element matters.

It’s for a bike shop in a mid-century modern building, now given new life but true to it’s original vision. That business uses another invented word in their name, “Cyclery”. From this shop I frequent, it’s only a several block ride to access part of El Paso’s trails, carefully cut into the limestone rocks and boulders.  And two blocks from UTEP, and several more blocks to where I live.

Photos at various stages of the soon-to-open Crazy Cat Cyclery store –

before (1/14) – the front

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Latest Projects

Not having my own garden anymore, I’m concentrating on my design practice.

Someday, probably not until later this summer fall, I need to trick out what garden space I have – my patio. And probably bleed that into adjacent planting areas, landlord willing. That will likely include some fitting containers, maybe some paint, and minimal accessorization.

For now, I need to keep paying the bills. Here are some recent and new projects to help do that –

Crazy Cat Cyclery (retail)

the south, uphill side…the mountain biking side…more later:-)

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I’m a Landscape Architect, Not a Doctor, Jim!

And I’m not a psychiatrist. But I do like Star Trek.

A few in our landscape field have said certain things are just  “our cross to bear”. After 25 years in our field, I do not think much of that is our cross to bear. A legitimate concern, but for now, what to do?

Report to the ER, at least figuratively. Photos from Sierra Providence Eastside Hospital, South Tower Expansion, spring 2014 –

from inside the spacious lobby, a soon-to-be, shady canyon oasis…

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