The Horizontals and the Verticals

“Small gestures get lost out here.” – Kornegay


That scene along US-90 says much with Torrey Yucca, Texas Beargrass, and dry, pre-monsoon season grama grasses.

This Alpine mural with local ranch brands says something similar.



From Alpine back to Marfa, colors and forms without one flower.



Of course a Volvo is parked at the building of this word mural!



“When no one else can, a Mexi(can)!” – many before me


I wonder where those tall and heavy South American cacti are headed?

Almost home, a quick drive-by detour.


Bench and Tile

If you like tile, you’ll love the desert southwest and California.

I captured more views of a good-looking bench at a placita (small gathering place) in midtown Marfa, across from the Presidio County Courthouse.



Shaded by my ecoregion’s ubiquitous Chilopsis linearis, with an assortment of other natives like Nolina lindheimeri, Nolina nelsonii, but a dying lawn that needs a change.


The bench, I first photographed years ago, but forgot to get any closeups of.


Some of the tiles are abstract, others are quite obvious.

Even in Marfa, people associate saguaros of the Sonoran Desert with their desert grassland. Some tiles tell stories, others about their spiky Opuntia and Agave.



So many handmade tiles together tell so much.

Marfa Roadtrip!

A 3 day vacation of relaxing, good design and food, and plenty of horticultural interest in our hottest time of the year.


My stress lifts after El Paso at the 80 mph sign (God Bless Texas!), then it all dissolves on US-90.

Cathedral Mountain looms 40 miles distant, inspiring Big Bend Brewing Co’s logo.

After a Judd Foundation tour of Donald Judd’s studio spaces, it was time to shoot towards the sun and capture the hot, clear light of the high parts of the Chihuahuan Desert.

Rows of Dasylirion leiophyllum point towards a work of southwestern architecture, plus skyline accents of Yucca torreyi L and Fouquieria splendens R.


Green, white, and plant sculpture do it every time.

So does my gracious Airbnb host get it right with this, 100F and a strong west wind outside:


Cool air conditioning blasting inside her adobe casita.


Cold Shiner Bock after bottles of cold water? Yes!


Stay tuned, including the bench some of you might remember. Plus her new garden and plantings where I’m staying.

Time to start the evening in style.