Keep the Lonely Places

A month ago, I paused work I was at a good place on to make the trek to Marfa, Texas. I last visited briefly in April, but it was over 2 years ago I spent more time there. I looked forward to seeing parts of Chinati I hadn’t yet seen. Photos from 6/24/2022.

After quick stops for gas and lunch, my next stop was Lobo.

Native grasses have been recolonizing the land in Lobo, but they’re mostly dormant instead of a more typical, pale green. That’s due to an ongoing, severe drought in much of the southwest into the southern prairies and California. (except Arizona)

Arizona Cottontop / Digitaria californica is trying to green up from spotty rains, 180 miles southeast of my home and over a few low mountain ranges.

The German friends who bought this ghost town and put on a biannual short-film festival in the past may not be regrouping. They still get their area.

Nice line drawing, fully agreed

The weight on my shoulders is gone by now, though it starts to lift off my shoulders at the 80 mph speed limit sign at the El Paso / Hudspeth counties line on I-10.

Chihuahuan Desert grassland here is dissected by an arroyo, lined with an open gallery of Little Walnut / Juglans microcarpa. The Davis Mountains peek through the distant hills.


Almost 4 hours after leaving home, I’m safe at my serene abode for a few days. Marfa is a small, peaceful island of people, surrounded by lonely yet awe- and idea- inspiring expanses. There are a number of places worth experiencing apart from the vibe-seeker-influencers, not to mention the interesting people I’ve met during many visits.

Though with such a hot, early summer, there was no sitting on the pleasant porch this visit, except at sunrise or after dark.

Marfa this June was as hot as it typically is in hotter Las Cruces or El Paso.

Another stay at this pleasant house is in order, but probably not in the now-unreliable-for-comfort May to September time frame.

Between some personal and invoicing fires, I was able to walk around town, except for the drive to take in the 7 hour full tour at Chinati. Not to mention I was able to relax and write some, though not on this neglected blog.

Confirming my experiences, the sayings ring true to, “write only what you know” and “write the (book) you wish you had.”

Finding a serene place to rest, even if you already live in serenity, can help, too.


A simple streetscape of decorative brick wall, with a planting of escarpment live oaks and yuccas is another Tim Crowley & Compadres project.

Years ago I was told these special bricks were spotted at a sales yard beyond San Antonio by Crowley or a designer he works with, and using some design savvy, they make quite a show along this street.

Next post and on others to come, we’ll enjoy some more garden related sights from my locale and beyond.

How have you been in the time I last posted? Let’s continue our past conversations or start something new in the comments.

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  1. Yay! A new “desert dweller” post. Love the pic with the Yucca rostrata and brick. Agree so much with “write only what you know” and “write the (book) you wish you had”… so, are you working on a book?

    Finally! And I’m starting / working on a few more posts, hopefully one / week to start. Hopefully. Yes, but in my typical self, I’m working on a few books and booklets, plus a few other creative ventures!

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  2. It was a delight to receive notification of your post. While I appreciate IG, where your images and stories resonate, there is something about your blog. Though I have been to Big Bend NP, I’ve never made it to Marfa. Hopefully, one day. Thank you for writing what you know, and for giving us a serene southwest place to rest.

    Excellent! I was happy to see anyone commenting who remembered me or my past blog posts. I’m humbled to hear there’s something that resonates here, as I’m treating this blog to improve at writing more clearly. Hopefully I won’t disappoint at writing what I know, not to mention writing the things I wish I had. The serene places here in the SW do not disappoint, though I need to visit some higher elevations soon! Marfa to Marathon hopefully by October or Nov?

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  3. Glad to see you writing here again! Two trips to the Davis Mtns and I still haven’t driven down to Marfa!

    Thanks! I’m looking forward to write and resume my blog, so thanks for catching my post. Those 4 towns of Alpine, Ft Davis, Marathon, and Marfa are so different. But only the Davis Mountains allow much public land to explore. I’m spoiled in NM.

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