More Spring Flowering near My Home

(I forgot to publish this post, so we’ll whiplash back 2 months)

Here are more images of spring coming on around my block in the hills west of the Mesilla Valley.

Some people believe the Las Cruces area has no seasons, claiming “it’s always summer” or other oddities. Such provincial bias and negativity isn’t helpful. It’s better to embrace the annual cycle of our moderate 3-1/2 seasons. Spring often comes early but leaves early, too.

Spring is the 2+ months between our “winter-light” and summer, mild and increasingly dry though windy at times. Photos through 4/2/20:


Texas Mountain Laurel / Dermatophyllum secundiflorum puts on a show in a more clipped but free-form garden of mostly arid-region native plants such as a mass of gray Texas Sage.

Dermatophyllum_secundiflorum-Leuc Shape PH1-SML


Near-native Parry’s Penstemon / Penstemon parryi, some possibly crosses with nearby P. superbus, grace and bounce in the breezes around Pulque Agave / Agave salmiana.


Across the street from the home with the Texas Mountain Laurel, is this attractive pergola softens the garage, covered with a relative to that neighboring plant: the more common Wisteria / Wisteria sinensis.



A few blocks away, an Oklahoma Redbud / Cercis reniformis is at peak bloom. Merging an irrigated lawn and non-thirsty ocotillos and cacti, it’s happy.



These 2 species of quince are not common today or in Las Cruces, but this home dates back to when they may have been used more. This Flowering Quince / Chaenomoles speciosa is in a neighbor’s front garden area.


Stepping out of my car, I got to meet my neighbor Bruce, who lives here with his wife. They retired here from Phoenix.


Japanese Flowering Quince / Chaenomoles japonica has a more pale, scarlet flower.



I’ll get back on track with upcoming posts, or in other words, catch up to early summer. Though not without a few flashbacks to this spring.

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  1. Hi David! This is a superb, excellent, magnificent, and god-like post my friend!

    It’s great to hear from you, and thanks for the kind words! Wait until my post that documents my Austin to Las Cruces trip…well, the daylight portion to Sanderson.

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