Early Spring: Desert Botanical Garden

With a wet, cool spring in much of the desert southwest, plants were thriving though a little late for spring blooms. Even in the low desert of Phoenix.

Monday afternoon was free, so I took one of my brothers, his lady friend, and her son to the Desert Botanical Garden for a few hours.

They really enjoyed it. Pics from 3/16/20:

DBG-Sonoran Indicators Mtn-SML

Chainfruit Cholla / Cylindropuntia fulgida joins other Sonoran Desert indicator plants such as Saguaro / Carnegia gigantea 


The spare feel of this, where plants aren’t crowded together, seems to reflect the essence of the desert southwest. The splash of color from Chuparosa / Justicia californica against Organ Pipe / Stenocereus thurberi also softens the foreground without crowding.

DBG-Spare_Chup Organ Pipe Barrel-SML

Birds like white wing doves always seem to nest in a saguaro

DBG-Saguaro Birds Nesting-SML

Though the closures and fear of Covid-19 were about to hit, people were already canceling reservations in the Valley’s high season. This garden was not as busy as typical in early spring. Now it’s been closed for over 2 weeks.


I’m enjoying seeing the yellow wall and other plants mellowing with age.

DBG-Yellow Wall Area01-SML

Superstition Mallow / Abutilon palmeri is a large, open shrub with large, papery blooms.

DBG-Yellow Wall Area02-SML


After spending so much time in the Valley over the last year and before that, I can spy Piestewa Peak far left where I’ve hiked. Plus portions of Camelback Mountain where I’d like to hike soon.

DBG-View to Camelback-SML


And back to the beginning, as we head out. Blueish agaves, yellow Desert Marigold / Baileya multiradiata left, and Desert Bluebells / Phacelia campanularia on the far left.

DBG-Blue Yellow-SML

2 Replies to “Early Spring: Desert Botanical Garden”

  1. We have the first of 3 weeks behind us.
    But expecting more to be added on. Who knows. Miss our mountain hikes and beach walks.

    At least more wild, open spaces for Arizona and New Mexico are still open, but parks and trails in town are often closed. We’re finally getting some openings in certain businesses. I’m not sure if public gardens are opening, yet.

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  2. Thanks for the peek at a favorite place.

    I miss the old garden. Their latest few months before closing due to Covid-19, some horrid display was commissioned throughout their gardens… brightly colored animal figures. I hope they never do anything like that again.

    But the weather and certain vignettes were still swell!

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