DIY Adobe: A Flagstone Patio?

This flagstone patio relates to little else anywhere on Bill’s property, but that’s fine!

Robertson Res-Flag Patio1_2019-10-31-SML

Existing before he bought his home, this patio adjoins the front door patio via a step down in elevation, though it’s mostly visible only near the house.

Robertson Res-New Old Box2_2019-10-31-SMLRobertson Res-Flag Patio2_2019-10-31-SMLRobertson Res-Flag Patio3_2019-10-31-SML

The simple patio begs for a place to sit, once the young boxwoods and other plantings in front grow to form more enclosure and further separation from the sidewalk. Its elegant, rectilinear shape with its cut pattern is superior to the more typical flagstone work in the back garden area.

With that planting plus the small area, it doesn’t need the usual “Cristiani seat wall.”

It can take on its own life as another living space by adding chairs and possibly a small table. Only some leveling of the individual stones would be required to provide a more firm surface across it.

Robertson Res-Flag Patio4_2019-10-31-SML


2/11/20 weather:
49F / 28F / 0.60 in (1/2 in snow) or 9c / -2c / 15.2 mm (1 cm snow)

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  1. …and while you’re waiting for the permanent plants to grow and provide some privacy, a few large pots with more plants? Of course, this comes from the person who keeps filling up her patio with more pots and plants! I need to tell myself to leave room for the chairs!

    I actually think he would like some pots, plus if chosen well, they might provide or reinforce the rectangle and add lushness… “More is more” – R

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  2. Hey David nice hearing from you. Glad you are hanging in there

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    Good to hear from you, too, Cherrita Garcia Gerringa de la O. Planning my next career will be a blast!

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