Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Back to Marfa for a quick trip on Chinati Weekend, so I can enjoy much of my long weekend at home.

I always enjoy the laid-back feel seeing exhibits here. The Agave americana looks like it will live forever.


And next door, some memorabilia of a fine public radio station. Who set that drink there?



To be fair, there are few places in Texas with Beto signs except the usual places. Marfa, El Paso, and Austin are a few, plus inner areas of Dallas, Houston, and south Texas.



This houses the occasional showing of Donald Judd’s minimalist artwork installations works in various media. Tonight it was his U and V channels in mill aluminum.



The Capri gets a new sign, but it looks like many of the plantings of small cacti are gone or moved. Figured.



Another art dealer, but this time not from Texas (Austin), LA, or NY NY.


At least I can now be proud to say I was from Denver when it was called a “Cowtown” and mocked for not being hip. “Denver | Marfa”…it’s all really funny!


Texas has no state income tax, so they make up for it with large sales and property taxes. This must be about their new way of appraising and taxing the humble and now dying form of adobe buildings!


People would get offed for hyper-taxing adobes in New Mexico. Or at least sent back to whence they came.

Sancho must be an inside joke.



Wide open spaces still exist for hours beyond and if you don’t take Marfa’s changes seriously! The good, friendly people I met made up for the other “stuff”, since after all, it’s Texas.

So, tip your fedora hat, as you nosh on some artisanal toast!


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  1. I learned about “Sancho” at the Austin Fling. It was woman who wrote the tequila book(drawing a blank on her name–Lucinda Hutson?) who explained that “Sancho” is “that guy your girlfriend is cheating on you with”

    Beto came pretty close.

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  2. Excellent, every single one. I especially loved the Beto sign.

    That Sancho sign was plastered on a few streets, every phone pole. Yes, I knew you’d like Beto with all the accompanying spikes!


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