A Neighbor’s Garden

Charles lives across from our large community mailbox cluster. With his friendliness, he probably knows many in our neighborhood from seeing us get our mail, daily.

Like many properties here, his is an attractive home and landscape with many native and adapted plants, plus some interesting accents.


Near his driveway, a trio of Texas Sage with Ocotillo, gold Lantana, and a growing number of volunteer Damianita march up his sidewalk edge.


An El Paso native, but a Las Cruces transplant over 3 years, must have a tribute to the state bird: the roadrunner. The real thing or something manmade representing our unique bird can be found everywhere.

This one made of metal, wears a bandana normally reserved for coyote art!


I forgot to take overall photos of his landscape; odd for me. The Rudbeckia are in full bloom by his front door. And a jackrabbit; this area has more of the real thing than even roadrunners.


Both of his dogs followed us around!


Geraniums in various colors are in pots – medium pots, small pots, in front, and in back.


Of course, he has quite the view to soak it all in on his back patio, over a glass of wine. No wine for me this time.


I also didn’t get photos of his side area, though it’s what I see the most getting my mail. That planting includes strictly natives from our area including Soaptree, Ocotillo, Lechuguilla, and many Hedgehog and Claret Cup cacti. Next time.

But inside, on the way to his back patio, are some masses of plants like white and pink Gaura, or individuals of others like Desert Olive and Flame Acanthus.

I did tell Charles that I’ll help him with pruning his desert olives into the dwarf trees they want to become!


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  1. Good you’re meeting your new neighbours and that some at least have an interest in landscaping

    It’s really refreshing as many do care about their gardens and using native plants well. Some really nice folks scattered about here!

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