Evening Light: A Drive-by

Someone is reading my casual or pointed rants via Instagram. Or so I think.

Back from a hike at the neighborhood volcano (extinct), it appears the landscape lighting is being moved to correspond with the plants. Possibly like the original design.

Fingers crossed that’s not just a coincidence.



Most every time I flew home from Las Vegas, I exited 215 to McCarran past a series of widely-spaced Dasylirion wheeleri. That and the sotol spacing on medians near my then-Albuquerque house may have inspired me. (the latter I pirated several years earlier – yes, it’s true)

But lit up, they add ambiance to the dry breeze wafting in at dusk.



I need to find old photos of these Fouquieria splendens soon after installation. They’ve really grown in from the smaller, seed-grown plants – not wild-collected.


What I do as a landscape architect is much about evoking moods using light and shadow.


5/31/18 weather:
99F / 64F / .00″ or 37c / 18c / .00 mm




2 Replies to “Evening Light: A Drive-by”

  1. Just begs to be lit like that — design work certainly requires patience, from all parties!

    Ha! I designed it in 2006, installed in ’08, and their maintenance has been hacking at it since ’16!

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  2. Beautiful! And here is to hoping it’s not just a coincidence, but people actually appreciating your design!

    Thank you, thank you! And wondering when someone’s next blog post from z 11 is near…

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