Phoenix Off-Tour

I was taking a client to a good place for breakfast before the first home on a garden tour, but the entire center I often frequented while in Phoenix was closed shut.

The landscape was still in decent condition, though the wildflowers once growing there are gone from poor maintenance.

Entering, before we learned the bad news.


On axis: a native Prosopis torreyana underplanted with Agave parryi var. truncata and Echinocactus grusonii.

Leaving, also on axis: Carnegia gigantea with a solo Agave americana.


I knew I lived in the wrong place when those who knew little about what I had learned years earlier as a 19 year old college sophomore argued with me. Design principles like axis or repetition seem so logical.


At either end of Scottsdale Road is this sign making a bold claim. I’m for anywhere making bold claims that have backing, and this does.





One Reply to “Phoenix Off-Tour”

  1. So sad it is closed. The garden and design are holding up even with the poor maintenance. I so wish I did not have to factor the potential of poor maintenance in my designs, sigh!

    What surprising is how established that resort and shopping center is, yet a new owner could tank it.

    El Pedregal may be the first example of desert landscape architecture I’d seen in person, in May 1989 visiting from my first job after college. Many memories there, and croissants with coffee devoured. Even laptop work sessions away from home.


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