Sometimes Leaving It Alone…

Most landscape architects cannot control every aspect of a project once it leaves their hands on the design board, installation or maintenance.

Only an exceptional client works more collaboratively.

Yet sometimes those who direct or allow poor maintenance take a break. Hopefully a permanent one!


After several years and the 2011 freeze, the ‘Sierra Sweet’ Acacia trees died and were replaced with Screwbean Mesquite. Many of the golden Turpentine Bush died, and I’ve heard over-watering was the culprit throughout this project.


There certainly are signs of over-watering in parts of the project, such as a Pampas Grass volunteer in one parkway section. But there are other signs there is little to no over-watering in many other places.

So, on irrigation issues, I don’t know for sure.

And what I notice the most is despite some grasses and shrub volunteers that aren’t removed to preserve the design intent, this section is holding together.


The mixed gravel  mulch sizes now look more natural.

The Turpentine Bush here remains, and it should serve as a model for replacing the same species downhill, which are now dead.

I would hope regard for maintenance could take over. But I have to enjoy what I can from this, while it lasts.

10/18/17 weather: 81 / 55 / 0.00