Office Space

The contractor friend I helped design this for did a number of things on the fly, including surprising me that it had to be LEED certified.

Even with that, sketchy maintenance and caliche soils are giving way to a maturing planting for more than the usual, bullet-proof plant posse of Yucca-Sotol-Purple Three Awn-blah blah blah.

Though the latter is there.


The end-of-the-monsoon skies and a quick flash of warm, humid air help provide a backdrop of my simple design of Quercus fusiformis, Nolina greenei, Rosmarinus officianalis ‘Prostrata’, and accents of beefy Yucca faxoniana and Dasylirion wheeleri.

These are actually the first live oaks I noticed when I drove by, and they just need some light, interior pruning with some more drip emitters.


But those root sprouts…just let them fill in and mow to 4″ like a groundcover.


The sides and decline or removal of once-thriving native wildflowers is disappointing to me. But the maintenance here is finally better than it was.

There’s hope.