Streetscape Surprise

When I drove up through blocks of typical streetscapes one toasty afternoon, I had long forgotten a few curious plants here.

Giant Sacaton / Sporobulus wrightii softens Goldenrain Tree.



Streetscape plantings in Albuquerque are slowly improving, though not quite as good as where I now live in Las Cruces. A few great plants made it into this design, even though too scattered for a 45-55 mph road where one needs massing of few species, not quick, clumpy spots.

Presenting 1 of a few of that fine foothills native, Quercus grisea / Gray Oak:



Now, the story of another great native tree and a not-so-great hybrid of that same species. The original is healthy in back, Desert Willow. The faux hybrid is in its typical declining state in front, Chitalpa.



Back to a group of Goldenrain Tree and Giant Sacaton as sunset comes on, plus a fast shot of moisture bringing needed downpours.