Color Overload but Look Sharp

A college professor with her Australian accent told our class, “if your design looks good in black and white, you can always add color to make it even better. Perfect your graphics in black and white. Spend your time working in black and white, and only color if you have extra time.”

I applied that here, only to have it cool and rain so much, the color went into high gear, the accents remaining.

Simple cul-de-sac turnarounds at Picacho Mountain:


Depressed grade in the center, boulders, and xeric native plant species.


Last week, we had a hot spell as the monsoon pattern weakened into something more like south Texas’ “La Canicula“. For our high desert that means muggy nights and mornings, but hot afternoons and low humidity.

The above Leucophyllum flowers are gone, every one!

The monsoon pattern moved back for a few days, and voila: humid but mid-60’s by midnight, and 4 rounds of thundershowers soaking the land. Then yesterday, the monsoon pattern moved south, and we’re in low humidity day and night.

8/16/17 weather: 91 / 66 / 0.00