Morning Glow

Anyone who knows my work or where I’ve worked knows I enjoy the uncommon embrace of light, where sun can be too common.

What the desert doesn’t sustain in flowers for long, it compensates with in light.


The first light on the top of the next ridge is only matched by the tops of the ocotillos and barely on the barrel cactus. The scent, the breeze.


In bright light these Echinocactus horizonthalonius would have open flowers, but the bright light would fade them. Here at sunrise, this trio is are subtle, but with magenta promise.


7/31/17 weather: 93 / 67 / 0.50″


Water vs. Rock and Sand

Our monsoon season was late in starting, but it’s now in full force. Our plants are sporting fresh leaves, new flowers, and storm water flashes down arroyos to seep into the soil. Mornings are cool.

Picacho is the isolated, volcanic mountain north of my neighborhood, topping out at 4,959 feet elevation – a mere 1000 feet above the river.


Past the low, gravelly hills there’s a canyon. The action of water can be seen, then skirting around the rock “dam” until it finds a gap to keep flowing to the Rio Grande.



Bluish or cool gray rocks in sections of the canyon look like volcanic ash or tuff to me, but I’ve never found any information on that.


Good scour action there.


More scour action from a recent storm, including a lone Rhus microphylla growing out of the rock outcropping. And a gallery of Chilopsis linearis on the far bank of Picacho Arroyo. Burrowing Owl habitat…


Back to the house, so I can get ready for work. As the burrowing owls sound out to announce another day.

7/28/17 weather: 95 / 67 / 0.00