Falling Down, or Not Sure?

My colleagues, those who are good or those who need a career change / move, all have different ideas on tree stakes.

This Quercus muhlenbergii is one of many on Engler Road which is happy, sturdy, and rooted for over 3 years.


What weren’t the staking and the floating tie all removed?

Is there a kind of magic levitation going on? I’m sure my plans including the maintenance sheet direct the stakes and ties to all be removed 1 year after planting. These are clearly finished with their service!


Thanks, carry on!!


This Yucca rostrata x thompsoniana fell into the floriferous Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii, and it’s in need of straightening.


Unless you walk this area, you might never notice anything fallen.


7/13/17 weather: 9870 / T