Streetscapes: Massing

Running errands this way from work, I never had the time to stop and get photos of some great plantings. I was ready this time.

Hesperaloe parviflora in a mass, blooms very faded in just days.


I always wonder why some feel a need to over-complicate planting design, when natural areas and classic gardens portray massing and drifts of the same plant.

The former due to similar processes and conditions in one area and not the next. The latter due to visual power, plus ease of maintenance and similar culture – including viewed at 40 MPH.

The reason for the fading Hesperaloe blooms?


Almost across the street, these tough and vigorous Quercus macrocarpa in a row along an industrial building.


Underneath the bur oaks are some Hesperaloe, while along the sidewalk there are other accents of equally-tough Juniperus sabina ‘Buffalo’, Dasylirion wheeleri, and Opuntia engelmannii.

It looks like a Yucca baccata or Y. arizonica volunteered into one of the junipers.