Lodge On the Desert Grassland

A client in Marfa told me how their new 4 story hotel is actually causing more tourism there than the no vacancy signs it may have alleviated. Another man I met on a sidewalk who retired there in the late 1990’s from Louisiana via Houston, noted how Marfa has become too busy and has lost its quiet charm.

You may laugh if you see tiny, isolated Marfa on a map.

Both people above are really saying something. Both accounts seem like a mixed blessing, though perhaps more bad than good.

I found something off the beaten track, to stay at.


Greeted by Agave scabra in small gravel, plus a hipster panel gate.

Once inside, it was very quiet and private, making up for the week-long convection oven this whole region has been in. Dry heat – ha!



This was a good place to sip coffee before heading out for the day.



A lone Hesperaloe parviflora ‘Yellow’ stalk…



Inside, thick adobe walls offer their typical sound dampening qualities and solace.


I had a mostly-good trip, though I concur with the Louisiana man.

The influx of immigration into Marfa is not all bad or good, but it is not the same as people once again “pioneering” that area. It is much about commodifying.

Really – must saving a dying place always shut out more than not?