Stopping by Another Hospital

Returning from my jazz party trip, I stopped at the far east side of El Paso to see what I had missed on a project addition of mine installed 2 years ago.

The Quercus buckleyi are doing well, as is this portion of the only Cynodon dactylon lawn on the hospital campus.


The oaks in the entry alcove are struggling, as are the Nolina.


The portion of lawn in front is not so happy; when I walked over it, the rotting, anaerobic smell of over-watering was obvious.

Of course, I wonder if the facilities manager or other administrators here actually are holding community movies projected against the back wall? That was one curve ball thrown at me, resulting in my having to take out a few red oaks, even though they would not block views. My guess is no, and for that, I had to fight not to move all trees off the lawn to appease the non-designer admin people.

I either had 3 or 4 trees moved from the lawn opposite the walkway. I hope it was not another apparent fail, like their community / hospital kitchen garden whim…


From the above, you might see another blog post coming on about shaping grasses and plants for no reason, over-watering to increase greenery, etc. If so, you’re right.

For now, some of the jazz party in Odessa the previous night.

The musicianship was stellar, and dressing up made sense for that occasion.

I enjoyed watching this older couple finally dance. His wife wanted to dance immediately, while he was tired and just wanted to sit down before dancing.

I bet they have some history in Odessa.

A final positive note: the granite boulder-covered mountains near Sierra Blanca.


About half-way from my home to Odessa, I always enjoy driving both directions through them. The Yucca torreyi with Dasylirion leiophyllum on the slopes always show off the west Texas ruggedness and hospitality.

5/31/17 weather: 83 / 58 / T