Focal Points in the Flatlands

Warm winds blowing, heat ‘n’ blue sky
And a road that goes forever…
I’m goin’ to TexasChris Rea, “Texas”

This weekend, I took a road trip to a jazz party in Odessa, Texas. It’s been running as long in years as my age is.

Crossing the Pecos River and continuing to enter a seemingly featureless setting, Yucca elata disappeared as Yucca campestris took its place.



I stopped by my father’s WWII flight training post outside what’s left of Pyote and the Rattlesnake Bomber Base. Checking ahead of each step, of course.


The main hangar is barely there, and below, the base was later re-purposed into…


…a juvenile correction center. Even that didn’t last, though Pyote alone might be really good punishment!


Then it was Monahans, the town and the Ward County Courthouse where my late parents were married.


The flags and this corner monument area aligns well with the courthouse, from where one passes by. I overexposed the allee of Quercus virginiana looking to the courthouse, so here it is looking away from the courthouse.


Then there were this Yucca rostrata, at the end of the alley I was using to get back to the main street, pointing my now-washed car back onto the freeway.


The jazz and my room later that night were great, too! Odessa – no pictures this time.

5/24/17 weather: 95 / 58 / 0.00


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