Weekend Work Recovery

Can you believe I posted on my blog again, after 15 months away?

Much has happened since, which you’ll learn in time including my move and recent employment in a different field. Recovering from a tough week at the day job by checking my design practice’s projects, to help issue substantial completion…or not! 2/18/2016 photos, El Paso TX.

Stop #1: Hospitals at Providence, Sierra Campus

That’s quite the renovation by HKS, and I really enjoyed working with them and the renovation contractor JE Dunn Construction. I’ll focus on the good this time, but maybe fill you in on a few items in need of correction, so our plans’ design intent is fulfilled.

My placement of the low garden walls helped provide spatial definition, and I only wish I would have designed them a little higher and to stop pedestrians in more places.

Availability caused some of my speficied plants to be changed…it was native Purple Threeawn and not Gulf Muhly. The yuccas were supposed to be larger, but Yucca elata rockets upward once it establishes, so I’ll stick with that. Overall, the Chihuahuan Desert was respected, even if interpreted quite a bit.

Stop #2: UTEP to Downtown, Hotel Indigo and San Jacinto Plaza area

I’m always up to seeing great designs, evesdropping on others’ designs like that last set, instead of criticizing mine. Though there was little to criticize this leg of the trip. Just inspiration galore.

On a past post, we had to enjoy drinks and excellent tacos on what turned into a sunny, spring-like afternoon. Malolam it was…some good design at the development housing them, among some major site planning screw-ups, which I posted on a while ago.

Stop #3: Hospitals at Providence, Transmountain Campus

This landscape was finished around Thanksgiving, so the various plants like Chaparral Sage, Deergrass, and Beaked Yucca are small. Much was done with a tight budget on a huge site, and I can only commend the architect HKS and the owner Tenet Health.

The general contractor Robins and Morton knows how to run a tight ship, yet with southern hospitality. Much came together with an odd blend of professionalism and stress. One of their field superintendents told me how he’s never seen such a scale of project get done in such a short time.

Our drive home was bound to be good, even if I had to work the rest of the weekend!

Have you enjoyed a day much more because you saw something inspired?


5 Replies to “Weekend Work Recovery”

  1. Welcome back to blogging again.I love your insertion of the low wall. What a difference it makes. Without it it would be just a blur of planting. As to the height-any higher and surely that important break would be lost. Bring on more of your posts.

    Thanks, I guess you’re right about the break not being too much than had it been higher; we originally had more walls and those were higher, then I simplified it. Will do!


  2. David,

    Happy to see you posting again. I’m a reader from Silver City and have checked in frequently in last 15 months to see if you were posting again. As a botanist with LA aspirations, your blog has been very informational and motivational. I hope you keep it up!


    Glad for the shout-out to my west. In July, I took some fun pics between Gila and Silver City. Can’t wait to hear more on your botany to LA thoughts. I went from LA to planning, I think…


  3. Thanks for sharing your project visit! More and more commercial landscapes around here are going with low-water and native installations – Yours are awesome!

    Thanks for your encouragement and for that good news – I want people to experiment and also reflect their ecology. Maybe it’s happening!?!


  4. Glad to see you are back! Your work is always an inspiration to me.

    Thanks – how fitting you’re among the 1st readers since my return. Should be interesting who’ll stop by again!


  5. Too wild. Just too wild. Thought about you over the weekend, wondering. Note to self, Send him a note.

    Now, this.


    Work is stacked on my desk.

    Only 1 of the clients doesn’t get it. Keeps chopping the design, making their house on acreage into a subdivision house. Older, he is harming himself. Doesn’t know it. Wildly, it’s not money. Excepting his cheapness to himself with it. Clinical Frugality is my name for it. Have said my little prayer for him to open his heart, toward himself !! Nice to deal with as a person, just impaling himself :(

    Looking forward to more posts, or not, whichever best for you. Glad we get you back, even a little bit.

    Garden & Be Well, XOT

    The things I’ve been through, also chopping, holding back…”clinical frugality” is great, as are a few other terms in my case. More posts are hopefully going to come…I still have 22 posts in draft mode, plus some other ideas for regular blog info, etc. But you probably figured that!


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