When Trouble Strikes

Do you see some of the most common culprits to your garden’s success, even when it’s designed well? Crazy Cat after another recent morning grind up Palisades Canyon –

Robert (L) and Watson (R)

People and their pets often are trouble. What makes it tough are those people are who pay people like me! True dat…

Is the Yucca pallida dying from overwatering, or is it overwatering caused by Watson taking too aggressive a drink and biting the drip tubing? Or disease all on it’s own?? (it’s El Paso…probably not too much rain)
oh yeah

I think every bike shop should offer espresso; it helps complete that entire Italian – cycling schtick.

I did find the pooper scooper for the after shots, plus there are some before shots.

This kind of time away from work I’m behind on beats one of the major causes of that…technology fails.

And dinner’s ready!

2 Replies to “When Trouble Strikes”

  1. Looks like someone needs to go on a poo patrol. That coffee looks so good – and I couldn’t help but notice the Kangen machine in the background. My dad has one of those (I do miss that water).

    Thanks for visiting, and you’re right on poo patrol…hoping the same on the trail for my morning workouts! Yes on the coffee, that’s a handy machine. I’m still waiting for their espresso bar and pre/post-ride patio socials…


  2. Robert (or is the dog Robert and the owner Watson?) ought to be bagging his pup’s “contributions”. How is he not!?!

    Lovely after shots. I transplanted a flame acanthus last year into sunnier territory. It is blooming at last but overgrowth from other plants responding to earlier rains has it leeeaaning way out to get the sun. I may need to rethink its placement or move some of the overhanging plants to allow it to shine. It deserves no less!

    I agree, Roberto seems to let it add up. No one would want to use that space…but the trailhead area here is worse, some freaks owning 5 dogs, doing their business all over (never picked up, of course). Not a nice smell. That Anisacanthus seems to prefer sun here.


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