Purple Rain, Warm August Night

Proof positive not only “northern and central New Mexico” get purple rain. What an incredible decompression my latest drive to Marfa was, once off I-10. Photos from below Valentine TX, 8/10/2015 –

distant storms, dry on US-90
Texas…far west Texas
the state grass, Bouteloua curtipendula

Chihuahuan desert grassland in one of its many forms. Too bad the Verbena bipinnitifida in rich, purple bloom by my eyes, was washed out in the photo, no matter what I did. Trust me.

restful is my room at the Hotel Paisano…airbnb fail for tonight, at least
and I got this room

A neighbor 10+ years ago was OK and had a Mustang with the front plate saying “Live Fast, James Dean” on it. I’ve never forgotten about that plate, or how few live fast and live.

His wife and cottonwood tree were not OK. The canyon winds obliterated that valley tree, and his wife must have disliked the place. Try being real, and having a real garden…that’s how one can be civil in an uncivil place :-)

a great end to a stressful day, a drink out in the courtyard

Everything here is like where I lived, except it gets 2x the rain. Never mind, Marfa mornings are cooler yet. I’m the place with 61F :-)

Current-EP Region_2015-08-11

It’s so mellow here Mon – Wed., like purple is.


7 Replies to “Purple Rain, Warm August Night”

  1. Those old hotel rooms have such great proportions. And I loved sitting in Paisano’s courtyard the December day I visited.

    That they do, even though tight than supersized places nowadays. Their courtyard fountain is my favorite.


  2. Marfa is still on my list…keep your Marfa posts coming!

    I went again this time for a possible project…the drive is part of the experience.


  3. That sky looks just like Arizona! But the temperature is more to my liking, hehe.

    That it does…desert skies…and almost identical scenes in Cochise County or around Prescott! This morning it’s even cooler…


  4. BIg sky country. Beautiful. 61? I had no idea …

    after midnight, it really cools off on this high plateau. Scenic and unspoiled!


  5. 61°! The only time I can currently experience sweet cool like that is when I open the refrigerator door (and nobody will let me just stand there a while and enjoy it. Spoilsports!)

    “Giant” was hands down my favorite book for the longest while years ago, but I never could wrap my head around the casting for that movie. Somehow Rock Hudson/Elizabeth Taylor/James Dean as Texans crossed a line my imagination could not follow.

    At the moment – I’d take rain of any color.

    Big gully-washer rains here and even El Paso in the last few days, we’ll try to share. The fridge is better than nothing, but when it was my balcony doors it was better! Yes, not even Texans…like casting Italians as Native Americans.


  6. Traveling in that part of Texas in August-whew!! Glad you found a comfortable place to stay for the night. That hotel certainly looks unique in it’s room decoration. I can appreciate the purple haze in that grass as I have it growing here. En masse it is wonderful.

    It’s 61F at dawn as I type this…refreshing! Sideoats is underused, I think, but I do my part. It does have a haze, too.


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