Roadtrip! Big Bend Towns

Having lived in the high desert for over two decades, there’s romantic appeal to be surrounded by what’s also termed “high lonesome”, then to travel out into it.

The good, the bad; the feel to the air, the blight many do to the land. Truly, the last frontier.

The few towns in the Big Bend region give context to the miles between and beyond them; I picked even fewer and another place that may as well be a town.

Van Horn TX (4,042′ elev) –

As I write this, our monsoon season is bringing El Paso some soaking rains, then the scent of creosote bush and a warm wind. Quite a contrast from dry May and June of 2014, especially to our east.

Alpine TX (4,475′ elev) –

Sorry Marathon, Marfa, Fort Davis, Sanderson, and Shafter – another time. Even Pinto Canyon Road (I have your number, Gary N.).

Chisos Basin (5,400′ elev)  –

Once again, I’m hearing many of those thrashers around where I live and on the trails. Quite a unique call!

Lobo TX (4,010′ elev) –

quite different without the Germans and their hospitality during their periodic film festivals…today, desert grassland reclaiming territory

A soundtrack to read this post by – here.

3 Replies to “Roadtrip! Big Bend Towns”

  1. As a road trip lover, I loved your post. So much to see in your vignettes!

    Alpine, TX make me chuckle. Texas isn’t exactly a state I associate with alpine-ness – and Alpine doesn’t look very montane :-)

    Thanks for stopping by! I know, it must be perspective as the high point in the state is on the NM border just below 9000′. I’m a Colorado guy originally, so “foothills” start at 6K’ and the high mountains 10K’ to over 14K’…and alpine is tundra, over 12K’, mas o menos.

    Glad you enjoyed the scenes, I enjoy looking at all the other photos I took, and I have a couple more trip posts to do yet…


  2. We thought about going to Van Horn and the El Capitan, on our way back from CA this spring. We opted instead for El Paso for the night.
    I’m sorry we did. El Capitan looks neat.

    My dad traveled through the Alpine area when he was single and a traveling salesman…in the mid 1920s. Can you imagine what that must have been like?

    The story of your dad there sounds so interesting, in that tourism was little to none, and the towns were newer and maybe more thriving. Yes, the El Capitan in Van Horn next time…and I thought the Gage in Marathon was also nice. I hope to try Paisano in Marfa and Holland in Alpine.


  3. Perfect sound track…absolutely perfect, though when I get through this part of the state (admittedly very rarely these days unless you count flying over) I’m more reminded of The Last Picture Show as cinematic reference (just not for the music).

    Would the last person to leave ______ please turn out the lights?

    I’ve heard about that movie, I’ll look for some of the movie soundtrack you mention. (yep, I have the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly soundtrack:-) Good thing that area has the university, tourism, and art, or it would have died!


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