If You Like Pink Floyd…

Another person in an online forum once noted, “Marfa. What your town would look like if it was run by NPR.”

I’ll let you decide, as I see elements of both references. Some of the odd art placement, or the context, really shouts the legendary British music group’s album covers and music.

Musical pairing, “Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Parts 1-5” by Pink Floyd.

Don’t forget to read more on other mind-provoking art in town – here.


2 Replies to “If You Like Pink Floyd…”

  1. Wild! I cannot believe we have not spent time here!

    With your bent on contemporary, and your honeymoon in remote places in the Big Bend, this is you.


  2. The Hub and I used to listen to a lot of Pink Floyd, especially Dark Side of the Moon, as we drove around Canyonlands and the intermountain West. Sometimes it was almost too apropos… I’m just a Texas gal, I get spooked when I see a sign that says “next services 250 miles”. There are sure enough gaps in service that large in Texas, but nobody goes around pointing it out… It’s impolite.

    I’m betting that truck belongs to Reuben Munoz of Rancho fame. It looks right up his stretch of highway. Thanks for taking us along!

    I did the same through Benini Sculpture Ranch past Johnson City once…but with classical. I was kicking myself for not bringing Pink Floyd! Ha ha on gaps in services – I just remember signs like that to get water…”desert next 700 miles – WATER” on the west side of ABQ on Rt 66. I must wonder about Reuben and this – that might be a possibility…..


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