Desert Alfresco

I’m interested in how people can better embrace their ecoregion and built environment, plus I like food, so outdoor dining seems to be a key. Dry air makes it possible, while intense sunshine much of the year is a challenge.

Photos from the week ending 6/20/15 –

Hotel Paisano before dinner…I bet this beats Dallas and Houston

I found out the Capri event space sells great lunches from their kitchen area, perfect for a healthy but tasty meal in a garden.

even the sky from the Capri is amazing
I could hang out here all day…in the shade
a microcosm of far west Texas mountains and central Texas

The former has the Mexican Feathergrass / Nasella tenuissima, grayish Artemisia ludoviciana and Lippia spp., plus other fragrant plants; the latter the clump Escarpment Live Oak / Quercus fusiformis, plus Twistleaf Yucca / Yucca rupicola. (or is it Paleleaf Yucca / Y. pallida from north Texas?)

I hope they open for breakfast someday…60F lows often
spare use of water, architecture and plenty of shade

A Mexican Elder / Sambucus mexicana, lush and overgrowing the water…perfect for this riparian tree. Luis Barragan would smile upon this scene.

grape arbor seating, too
prolific apricots this year…too bad I’m not into them
another evening, in the cool of a big tree

Padres’ gravel patio is perfect, to enjoy a cold beer while writing my day’s meeting notes on the laptop. With three offerings from Alpine’s #Big Bend Brewing Co. on tap – complete with their handles at the bar – it was a La Frontera IPA for me.

And at $2 more than at the few El Paso eateries selling it, or $5+ more than from my fridge via Specs, one beer was it.

that’s a 30′ tall Colorado Piñon / Pinus edulis

4 Replies to “Desert Alfresco”

  1. Breakfast is soooooo your fav meal, eh?

    Nice patios and vibes!

    It may be my favorite meal, at least my favorite time…watch the sun come up, good coffee.

    Yes…great patios! How’s your’s coming along, where you served Shirley and I lunch??


  2. Great spaces…i miss the dry heat! Here it is like walking out and being enveloped in a large sweater plus mosquitoes eating me alive. The grape arbor is very appealing as is the water feature. Serving breakfast is a great idea. I really like the mix of naturalistic with clean modern lines.

    I was lucky to get a couple cooler days, though the humidity there was surprisingly high (for there). Mosquitoes…ugh! You’re right on the contrast of modern and wilder…


  3. Beautiful spaces for dining and relaxing. It’s been humid here with moisture from the Gulf but should dry out the next few days. Silvery plants accented with yellow native flowers looks familiar. Great combination I must say.

    I will be returning there to do just that…wow! The east flow kicked in here, 2 weeks early, so we’re trying to get storms…I can only imagine over in Marfa, where it’s now only in the high 80’s with cool nights.


  4. People who live with heat know what to do with shade and in these photos it is as important an element as the structures/plants casting it. It is great to see edibles used as backdrop for eating…grapes and apricots. I’m hoping that means the kitchens there use the produce in season. “Local” and “fresh” both mean something a bit different when your produce is still warm from the sun and fresh off the tree/vine.

    It’s a good mix of built and planted shade, especially how Ten Eyck’s office didn’t just schlep out the usual shade that won’t work in Marfa’s climate…they thought it all out! I also hope they cook, sell or give of the apricot and other fruit trees – you’re right, I remember that off the peach trees one August trip through western Colorado…amazing!


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