Marfa White

In clothing or walls, white tends to be safe and clean for a background; black tends to slim and provide mystery.

I’m unsure what inspired all the white and pale grays on so many renovated buildings in Marfa. But it’s a relief from tan to brown stucco on most everything, or Santa Barbara or Tuscany meets Miami Vice.

maybe it’s the look of miles of Yucca elata blooms
or just being clean and fresh
even inside their apartment my few nights
the cumulus clouds do the same…white billows
pale and creamy white…and blue, blue-green
facing the back of my project
always the clouds, sky and Yucca rostrata blooms

7 Replies to “Marfa White”

  1. The Greeks do it. Why not Southwest desert dwellers? White looks clean and modern out there under the desert sky.

    True as well, ancient ancestors or space age southwesterners!


  2. That agave and wall again! Worth the drive just to see it in person. Spring when the yucca are in bloom of course.

    FYI, it will feel like spring to you, but both those yuccas can bloom late May there. This year was late…I hope you and Mr. Zorro go, anytime. Imagine it in August when SA is boiling!

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  3. What can I say to white and heat, besides, “Cool!”

    Yes, though the first day there was San Diego temperature!


  4. White in the PNW…blah. White in the desert…yes!

    Yet interiors in the PNW often use light tiles…but I agree on the walls in the desert.


  5. The full picture you always give…
    The white clouds and white buildings…
    I really like that modern vibe…

    Thanks, it seems to all connect there – modern and rustic, small town.


  6. White reflects more heat, like white linen in summer!

    That also a good point…and it contrasts their surrounding land?


  7. Does the Marfa Chamber of Commerce know about you?

    Classic backdrop colors (white and gray) are great for all sorts of art – indoor and outdoor. The choices shown here seem carefully thought out (or are these angles all you and your camera?).

    Not sure, but their public radio station knows me! Very true on those colors being art backdrops, and with art so important there, I have to wonder if that’s a big reason? Angles – both!


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