Wordless West Texas (almost)

I hope you enjoy my trip to Marfa and back…3 hours one-way. In much of the west or Texas that’s just down the road…in the Trans Pecos that’s almost close.

Musical accompaniment: Rollin’ By, Lyle Lovett

3 Replies to “Wordless West Texas (almost)”

  1. I can practically hear the train whistle blowing…and the wind…

    Lovely shots all demonstrating why artists are always being drawn in by that wonderful dry air and the way it holds on to the light just a little longer than you’d expect as the sun is setting. No curtains of mist or anything to obscure, just miles and miles of “look at me”.

    Central Texas just had another week with several inches of rain falling. It feels like we are living inside some sort of sponge at the moment. Really weird, especially for June.

    Odd here, too…little wind all spring, no dust storms, and most every morning this month the humidity comes way up (for us), the swamp cooler barely works. Then pow – burning hot and dry by noon. Glad I’m a heavy sleeper, though trains are a pleasing sound to me.

    True on the “look at me” light and vistas, and it is inspiring. Hopefully the water table and lakes further west of you finally fill up, so the upcoming summer isn’t as scary drought-wise.


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