Rocking the Patio

That relic of 1940’s comfort-tech – the swamp cooler – is working once again, with lower humidity back here on the tailbone of the Franklin Mountains.

So, life is good here at the rancho apartment patio. Comfort is back inside, and comfort is outside, mornings or evenings. Just dreamy, warm breezes and light that’s easier on the eyes than much of the day. Morning coffee? Evening gin and tonic? Check, check.

I dressed up the patio pots last Sunday, after finding some suitable rocks in convenient bags.

container #1: good thing the evil big box stores are here…local suppliers get even less than ABQ’s, and that’s one low bar

Looks like my Tecoma stans var. angustata almost killed by my roughhousing, is coming back. I’ll take a thug native plant over a thug invasive any day, any where.

all growing well, this rock color makes it

OK, 97+ daily is pushing the meaning of “warm”, but you get the idea.

In the year I’d rather forget professionally, 2014, we hit 109F by this time, the 2nd hottest June in 75 years of records, with most every day over 100. And that when June is already our hottest month on average. So, this is just fine!

containers #2 and #3…so glad for West Elm mail order
where the bag ran out…I’ll move some larger and smaller rocks to match

The struggling (neglected) Zephyranthes spp. are starting to poke up new foliage…whew!

I still need to string up some patio lights to complete this space, ones that drape down, but we’ll see. One of my favorite blogs is inspiring me in small spaces with it’s transformation of a small portion of a property. That’s something I’ve only touched on in all these years, for me or others.

Do you have any small projects to do, that would make your garden a vast improvement?

3 Replies to “Rocking the Patio”

  1. Yep. Looking good. And hellz yes to small projects. I have several incomplete things going on — that will probably be going on forever. It feels so satisfying to actually finish something.

    Thanks! Too bad I haven’t been home in time from work or errands since I posted for the G&T…finishing, oh yeah.


  2. I love smaller projects for their definition and the ability to declare them “finished”” which is the opposite of most of my gardening work. Planters are so enjoyable that way, though I’ve been piddling around with two planters on our front porch in an uncharacteristically indecisive manner. I’ve settled on a mix of natives and culinary herbs but they are all still small and unimpressive. If I squint (and perhaps looks at them THROUGH my glass of wine) I can see how great they’ll look…eventually!

    Your planters on the other hand are looking quite handsome already. The rock mulch is a nice color contrast against the muted grey of the containers making each one look like its own small deserts cape. Well done sir!

    Same here, and one thing I aim for in anything I design is for a substantial area be finished, if the entire design can’t be. It creates the incredible calm and serenity that undone, let alone clutter, cannot. And containers are a great thing for that!

    Now, to finish the remaining boxes, clipped magazine articles into notebooks, and so on inside…1 year, 11 months since I downsized and moved from Albuquerque…when all is in place, it’s a party and vacation:-)


  3. The rocks with there soft warm rosy hue are a nice contrast to the gray and green. Looking good. Lights will be a nice addition….I am more of a candles in metal hurricane kind of person. You can make your own out of food cans : ) Don’t you just love West Elm! I just checked and they have some cool Pierced Porcelain Hurricanes called – Constellation. Enjoy your G&T this evening!

    Thanks, that color looked so good at the store. I forget the rock color I once wanted (or if it was to “borrow” some of the red granite landscape rocks in our grounds’ “landscape” :-) West Elm is great…your hurricane light idea sounds good, unless I get to our West Elm store first. A G&T sounds may be the plan!


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